Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor CFC is a ColdFusion library for the Campaign Monitor API.

Please feel free to download it from RIA Forge here – Download.

Check out the associated plugins (coming soon) – Plugins

  • Campaign-Monitor.cfc
    Methods: ListCountries, ListTimeZones, GetSystemDate, ListCurrencies, ListBillingTypes, ListAccessTypes, ListCustomFieldTypes
  • Clients.cfc
    Methods: ListClients, GetClient, AddClient, UpdateClient, UpdateClientBillingAccess, DeleteClient
  • Subscribers.cfc
    Methods: AddSubscriber, AddResubscribeSubscriber, Unsubscribe, GetSubscriber, ListSubscribers, ListUnsubscribers, CheckIsSubscribed, AddSubscriberCustomFields, AddResubscribeSubscriberCustomFields
  • Campaigns.cfc
    Methods: ListClientCampaigns, CreateCampaign, DeleteCampaign, GetCampaignBounces, GetCampaignSummary, GetCampaignLists, GetCampaignOpens, GetCampaignSubscriberClicks, GetCampaignUnsubscribers, SendCampaign
  • Lists.cfc
    Methods: ListClientLists, AddList, DeleteList, UpdateList, GetList, GetStats, ListAddCustomField, ListCustomFields, ListDeleteCustomField
  • Templates.cfc
    Methods: ListClientTemplates, GetTemplate, DeleteTemplate, AddTemplate, UpdateTemplate

To find out more, please check the documentation or to report a bug please file it on RIAForge here.


  • 1.1 – Added 6 new functions to allow management of Custom Fields for lists and subscribers.
  • 1.2 – Added URL encoding to arguments for http calls. (Was causing some issues)
  • 1.3 – Added custom field data to data thats returned for subscribers/unsubscribers